31 December 2007

Walnut 2

continue from Walnut

Sob sob... Lucky still got one big one.

Em... Got another method can break it's shell or not?

Ah ha! I got it!

I am so smart, can think of another good idea. Hehe!

Kick it to the wall, then can break it's shell loh. Hoho!

Hey! I kick!

Hoho! Wanna broke already.

Ah... How come it will bounce back one?
Oh no!


Sob sob... so pain...


22 December 2007


Wah! The walnut so big! I wanna eat!

Em... Where is the nutcracker?

Nothing here...

No nutcracker, how to eat the walnut leh?
Em... Headache.

Ah! I know how already!

Hehe! I am so smart.

Drop it from high high place, then can break it's shell lo!

Hey! Drop it.

Let's see see got broken or not?

(Pi Pa~)
Yeh! Really can break it shell one.
I can eat now already, haha!
So happy, I am so smart!

Wait... How do I go down there? -.-|||


08 November 2007

Happy Deepavali

Today is Deepavali, i want make a pretty Kolam to cerebrate!

This rice is use to make Kolam one.

The paints here is use to color the rice one,
so that I have many rice with different color to make beautiful Kolam lo.
Hehe! I am so smart.

Wanna start coloring lo!

Eh... So many rice leh... (Sweat~)
Need to take how long to color all ah?

Yi... feel hungry already.


Oh ya! Hehe!

Dun want make Kolam already,
cook rice eat better.

Happy Deepavali! Hehe!


16 October 2007

Camera 2

continue from Camera

Huh! How come the pose so ugly one? (Sweat~)

Wanna shoot again. Hehe!
This time need careful so that not fall down again.

(Di~~~ Di~~~)
Careful, careful, don't fall down.

(Di~ Di~ Di~ Di~)
Hehe! This time sure got enough time already.

(Ka Ca~)
Wah! So bright!

Ah... My eye can't see any thing!

I see nothing.
I wanna see photo, where is the camera?


Yi? Look like something is falling down?

Oh no... is the camera.



No one had see it, run quickly!


09 October 2007


Yi? Got one TV here oh!

Hehe! Dunno got what program to watch?

How come no picture one?

Where is the switch?

Noting at behind also...

Yi? The part look like can pull down one.

Oh! This is not TV, is a camera!

Hehe! I wanna take pretty pretty photo.

Em... Turn on the self-time first.
I am so smart, hohoho!

Run faster! Start count down already.

Oh no! No more time already!

(Ka Ca~)

So pain. Sob sob...